Ricordi di Chieri: Servizio Fotografico per Famiglia – Chieri Memories: Family Photo Shoot

EN: This American family asked me to photograph them in Chieri where they have lived for the past couple of years. Since they will leave soon, they wanted to remember their time there so I proposed a “Chieri tour” photo shoot instead of a traditional portrait shoot, photographing them walking around downtown Chieri and doing normal things like having breakfast in a cafe and getting ice cream. The morning was really enjoyable and their three daughters were wonderful subjects. Their mom told me in the beginning that she had no […]

Servizio fotografico per famiglia lungo il Po a Torino – Family Photo Shoot Along the Po River in Turin

IT: Ho incontrato questa famiglia una mattina presto e ho fatto delle foto lungo il Po e alla Chiesa della Gran Madre a Torino. Mi piacciono i colori dei vestiti che hanno scelto. Spero che quando i bambini saranno cresciuti gli piacerà questo ricordo del periodo in cui abitavano in Italia. EN: I met this family early one morning and we took photos along the Po River and at the Gran Madre Church in Torino. I love the colors they chose for their outfits. When the kids grow up, I […]